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Advanced Mimamsa Course: Exploring Epistemology in Hindu Philosophy

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Epistemology is an important subject of study across several śāstras in the Indic knowledge tradition, in both Vedic and non-Vedic streams. Each of these knowledge systems systematically develops a science of knowledge i.e. examining what is knowable, through human cognition, what is inferable through methods of reasoning, but not perceivable, and what is unknowable within a system of thought. While theories of hermeneutics emerge most significantly from the tradition of Pūrva-mīmāṁsā, some important theories pertaining to epistemology are also notable in this system. In discussing what is knowable within a thought system, knowledge itself is often discussed and defined in various Hindu knowledge systems, with great precision.
Mimamsa Advanced Course Content:
This course involves the study of the epistemology of the Bhatta school of Purva-Mimamsa, propagated by Kumarilabhatta. The classification of cognitions and their implications along with how each type of cognition arises and how each type of cognition is distinct from the other is analyzed in a text called Manameyodaya, prescribed for this course.

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