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Alka Thakur

OSKIT Solution

Alka Thakur, has 14 years of experience working in the IT industry. As a young, aspiring 20-year-old, who had just graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Alka followed her passion and hunger for knowledge right from the beginning. This drove her to study Master in Business Administration (MBA) in human resources, where she gained insights into the challenges faced by organizations, in attracting and retaining manpower and clients. She kept working for various organizations to gather new perspectives. While working for an IT firm, Alka observed the needs of IT businesses and the lack of proper solutions faced by the clients. She saw opportunities to bridge the gap that led her to start her own company, OSK in 2013. Like all other companies, OSK too had its share of difficulties in the initial stages, but nothing that a determined, passionate professional couldn’t take care of. The digital industry has changed drastically over these 14 years and Alka has worked tirelessly to impart knowledge about the importance of having an online presence to her clients and delivering the best possible services to them. To this day, she personally attends to all of OSK’s clients and works sincerely with determination, focus, and unbridled enthusiasm to achieve new heights for them and OSK together.

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