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Best Laptops for Students in Nepal [ Updated 2023] | Nagmani

Being a student and going through an online class during this pandemic makes the task quite difficult. No matter whether you are in school, college, university, or preparing for an online exam, the laptop is the most essential thing every student should need to work efficiently and it definitely makes a huge improvement in their performance. You can literally do anything with it, obviously the productive activities. There is absolutely no limit on how much productivity you can make from a laptop. Today’s world demands you to be quick, flexible, and efficient, so it would not be an understatement to say that a laptop may be one of the greatest investments for a student’s education.

Besides a gaming laptop, flexibility, and freedom coupled with the practicality of doing your academic assignments anytime and anywhere should be a reason enough. Below are a few reasons why a student should get the best laptops.

1. Online Assignments

The main motive to get the best laptop for students is for their school work for sure. As we have observed, with online classes, school and college work is becoming more web and research-based. You can connect to the internet with easy portability and good battery life. Completing assignments, designing, and other such study-based work can be done effortlessly without any interruption.

2. Entertainment

Being a student, when you are done with an assignment and take a break for relief, your laptop can help you relax. From watching your favorite series online to streaming an entire album, it will help you take a break.

3. Taking Notes

If you are a college student, you know that it’s quite impossible to take notes at the speed of the professor’s lecture. The built-in mic can help you record the lecture and later use it as a source while studying. You can also find digital copies of textbooks which are more affordable than hard copies. Your teachers are also able to share their digital notes on PowerPoint or scanned notes for your smooth studies.

4. Convenience

Laptops these days have evolved drastically than what we used to find earlier. The best laptops that we find in the market these days are both slim and stylish. Laptops these days come with modern features like SSD, HDD, good storage space, powerful CPU, GPU, amazing display and graphics, convenient screen size, backlit keyboard, USB ports, touch bar, long battery life as you no more have to worry about carrying multiple cords. Also, you find various stylish backpacks designed to carry laptops which ensures the protection of your laptop.

There are plenty of laptops labeled as “Students Laptops” available on the market but most of them are not suitable for students at all. Finding a perfect student laptop can be a daunting task as you have to keep several things in mind before buying a student laptop. Here at Nagmani, we being the direct suppliers of ASUS brand products, we have a huge variety of laptops of various ranges too. We offer the products to the students at a reasonable price range.

We, being the official distributor, are the only retailer that provides two years warranty on every laptop in Nepal. It is really the best deal you get while buying the ASUS laptops as no other retailer offers you one. Here you can find all mid-range ASUS laptops in Nepal that are suitable for students.