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Bimetallic Barrel Manufacturer and Exporter

bimetallic barrel is made up of two metals or alloys. As the name suggests, in a bimetallic barrel, two metals are fixed together. A bimetallic barrel is used to increase the life of the entire screw and barrel. That is because a bimetallic barrel works better than a mono-metallic barrel. Bimetallic barrels are made in two metals – the base material and the coating material. That is why a bimetallic barrel lasts longer than a mono-metallic barrel.

There are multiple applications of a bimetallic barrel. It can be used for corrosion formula, regrinding resin, calcium powder filling, additive fireproof materials, and additive plastic materials with less than 15% glass fiber.Special machines are adopted for hard-facing, with the alloy thickness over 1.5 mm, providing high surfacing bonding strength, dense textile & effectively improving the resistance of the barrel to abrasion, high temperature & corrosion. It helps extend the service life of the bimetallic barrel.The material that is used in a Bimetallic Barrel is EN41B with a coating of ni-based alloy. The available diameter sizes vary from 14mm to 200mm and the available length is upto 6 meters. The surface hardness achieved through the Gas Nitriding is 58-62 HRC.

  • Product name – Bimetallic Barrel
  • Material – EN41B + Coated (ni-based alloy)
  • Available size – Dia 14 – 200 mm, length upto 6m long
  • Surface hardness – 58-62 HRC
  • Process method – Gas Nitriding + PTA
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