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Custodial vs. Non-Custodial parenting

Custodial vs. Non-Custodial parenting The custodial parent is in charge of the child’s education, growth, health, and physical and mental well-being, while the non-custodial parent just has access to and contact rights with the child. Poppa-won too won’s goal is to aid individuals in avoiding the agony of losing their parental rights. Visit our website to learn more and obtain all the information.


Child custody disputes can be emotionally and mentally draining for all involved parties, including the children. Victims of child custody disputes may include parents, grandparents, or other family members who are seeking custody or visitation rights. Children naturally create a link of affection with their parents in a good relationship. Every family aspires to live and remain together, but there are times in life when this is not possible. Parental disputes occur daily, which worries and distresses them. For more information, visit our site.

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