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Elementary School Learning Issaquah

All-Star Academy

Language Arts – Wonders Literacy Curriculum

Wonders is designed to foster a love of reading in all children.

Wonders offers us the ability to adapt instruction as students grow. The curriculum aligns with our focus on teaching the whole child—and every child—to prepare students to be lifelong learners and critical thinkers. Combining the work of literacy experts with research on social emotional learning, Wonders helps us strengthen skills, bolster learning, and encourage independence in our classrooms, every day.

Mathematics – Mindful Math Curriculum

Mindful Math focuses on hands-on, engaging lessons. It encourages different ways of thinking and representing math concepts, including many opportunities and options for differentiation. Lessons encourage students to show their understanding in different ways and practice math concepts with or without supports. Mindful math lessons provide different levels of difficulty. Activities, games, and centers can be done in small groups to provide more support, independently for our more advanced learners, or in partners. Mindful math helps strengthen mathematical skills, encourage curiosity, and foster critical thinking skills.

Social Studies – Tribal Sovereignty • World Cultural Traditions

We teach Tribal sovereignty lessons that develop an understanding of Native American spiritual values through stories. Through these stories students also learn about the plants, animals, and geography of Washington State. Next, to expand our students worldly understanding, we choose a country to learn about each month. We learn about and celebrate important holidays; such as “Holi – Celebration of Colors” for the Indian tradition. We also teach about a culture’s music, food, and key historical events.

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