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Get the best electrician in Greater Manchester & EICR In Manchester

Gas safety

We at Gas Safety Manchester provide EICR certificate reports in Manchester to landlords, housing associations and property management agencies. EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report. It is a report that is carried out by our qualified electrician to assess the safety of electrical installations in the properties in Manchester.

Wiring is usually concealed within our walls and floors, electrical connections in sockets, switches and consumer units throughout electrical installations require periodically inspecting and testing as to prevent danger arising from damage, wear and tear.

Landlords, homeowners and managers are responsible for protecting people, animals and property. Managers and landlords have a legal duty to ensure electrical systems are inspected and tested.

Faulty and deteriorating wiring is one of the main causes for electrical fires and electric shock. The British Standards for electrical installations (BS7671:2018) requires that electrical installations are periodically inspected and tested by the means of undertaking an ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION CONDITION REPORT, abbreviated to EICR or EIC report. This was formerly known as PIR, periodic inspection report.

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