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Give your Dreams – Wings to Fly By Attending Global Education Fair 2023 By SIEC India Pvt. Ltd.

SIEC India

The Global Education Fair offers a unique platform for Indians like you to explore a world of education possibilities. This Annual event, organised by the SIEC Education Pvt Ltd., is bringing together several universities, colleges and institutes from countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, UK, Europe, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.

What is the Global Education Fair?

  • GDF is a comprehensive
  • The Event allows students from all around the world to fulfil their dreams of studying- abroad.
  • This Exclusive event provides students the global opportunity to connect and interact with 100 + University experts on a single platform.

Why attend the Global Education Fair?

Global education fair is a prestigious event that brings you opportunities to –

  • Meet experts and officials from 100+ Universities across the globe.
  • One-on-one interactions with University representatives
  • Learn about
    1. Various courses in detail
    2. Visa requirement
    3. Cultural differences
    4. Living expenses in destination countries.
  • Get Free Expert advice and assistance on
    1. University application
    2. Visa process
  • Grab chances to
    1. Avail Scholarships and funding options at discount rates.
    2. Get Spot admission offers
    3. Get quicker turnaround time
    4. Watch live webinars to gather information you desire.
  • Get free and personalised counselling
  • Learn about test prep options

Why choose SIEC-

Team of Counsellors, trainers and experts of SIEC will assist you in –

  • Free Profile Assessment and processing
  • Free counselling
  • Test prep guidance
  • Information on Scholarships
  • SOP guidance
  • Financial documentation guidance
  • University shortlisting
  • Hassle – free application process.

It’s time to make your Global Education dream a reality!

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