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Hire Devops Engineers | Dedicated Developers | Zedtreeo

Hire Dedicated Devops Engineers who creates microservices architectures for your enterprise SaaS application. They work with Python, boto3, and AWS SDK for back-end and AWS development. Hire Now!
What You Get?
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Create, design, and maintain Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline in Jenkins, Gitlab, CircleCI, or AWS CodePipeline. A DevOps engineer can find ways to decrease the deployment time from hours to minutes! Do you need a deployment on the weekend? They can take care of this as well, as long as you schedule it in advance!

Automate and Script Repetitive Tasks
Bash and Python scripting automate your infrastructure, servers, containers, cronjobs, or any process that a DevOps engineer can codify.

Maintain and Deploy Infrastructure
DevOps can bring new production environments with Terraform or Cloudformation. Also, because of their good knowledge in Infrastructure as Code (IaC), they can maintain and deploy infrastructure through IaC tools.

Security and Hardening
DevOps can also handle security incidents including hacks, security audits, hardening of servers, and user security controls such as AWS accounts, SSH keys, Linux/Unix privileges, permissions, SSL certs, encryption, and API key encryption (Amazon KMS, for example).

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