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Hire Patent Attorney & Lawyer​

Zedtreeo offers Experienced & skilled Lawyers and Attorneys specialized in patent and intellectual property law matters and technologies. Our Patent experts help our clients with the prior art, patentability, invalidation searches, drafting patent applications, filing PCT applications, etc. Their skills and capabilities further cover all stages of IP management, procurement, and enforcement. Our key is our ability to provide you well-researched and experienced commercial, patent, and legal professionals. With our services, you can keep a close eye on your IP assets and patent issues while further driving strategic growth.


Patent Specialization or Domain

  • Zedtreeo can provide you patent experts from multiple industry verticals and domains.
  • Such as Automotive, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Diagnostics, Electronics, Food & Beverages, Home Care, Industrial Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Molecular Diagnostics, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, Power Systems, Renewable Energy, Semiconductors, Software & Mobile Apps, Telecommunication

Patent Attorney Services

  • Zedtreeo Patent experts provide you with a wide range of services to create, manage, file, and protect your patents and intellectual properties at a meager cost.
  • Service like Patent Prosecution Support, Patent Licensing Support, Patentability search, Patent drafting, Illustrations, Preparation, Response, Infringement Search, Freedom-to-Operate Search, Patent Docketing, Proof Reading, Research and Analytics, Patent Litigation Support, Landscape Analysis, Technology Trend Analysis
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