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Land registry law

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Land registry law is a branch of law that deals with the recording and management of real estate rights. Essentially, the REAL ESTATE office is an evolution of the MORTGAGE GUARDIANS that operate in the country. However, the operation of cadastral offices is governed by a complex complex of provisions that provide for strictly formal procedures. It is noted, for example, that the failure to declare the right of ownership during the land registration leads to the registration of the property as “UNKNOWN OWNER” and subsequently, after the expiration of the prescribed period, the property becomes the Greek State. The main purpose of land registry law is to ensure the reliability and security of procedures related to the transfer of real estate and the establishment of real rights (eg registration of mortgage notes).

Very often during the operation of the cadastral offices, problems are observed, especially at the start of their operation. The resolution of the relevant issues requires specific and targeted legal processing which can be provided by specialized lawyers. It should be noted that our office specializes in the correction of first registrations, the registration of registrable rights and the resolution of disputes on the refusal of the head of the land office to register registrable deeds. It is important that our office has created jurisprudence in matters of correction of original records, correction of cadastral sheets on property registration as “unknown owner” and finally in matters of spatial changes.

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