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Mastering Devanagari: Learn Sanskrit and Hindi at Hindu University of America

This course is targeted at all students who are beginners of Sanskrit, Hindi, or one of the other languages of India that use DevanAgari script. The focus is on learning the alphabets and combination letters in the two most popular and important languages of India, Sanskrit and Hindi. This course is the basic course for all the students who do not have any background knowledge of Devanagari script.

Introducing DevanAgarii Course Description:

There is a great joy associated with mastering a new language, regardless of what that language is. Every new word acquired gives rise to a new sense of accomplishment. For example, the joy of learning the Sanskrit language is multi-fold, because it provides direct access to the master-key of the living Hindu Civilization, to the texts and narratives of its rich traditions of dharma, yoga, jnana, art, music, dance, song, and the various cultural and spiritual traditions.

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