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Micro Certificate in Sanskrit – HUA

Gautam Divyakirti

It is a Micro-Certificate in Spoken Samskritam (MCSS) is a four-quarter 6-credit-hour, leisurely study of Samskritam as spoken language. It is designed to help students who are familiar with that they know the Samskritam (aka “Sanskrit”) or DevanAgarii script but have not fluent in conversational aspects in order to reach a certain level of Conversational Proficiency through simple situations and skits.

The courses that are included are

1)SAN0001 – Beginner Phase in Spoken Samskritam

2)SAN0002 – Intermediate Phase in Spoken Samskritam

3)SAN0003 – Proficiency Phase in Spoken Samskritam-1

4)SAN0004 -Proficiency Phase in Spoken Samskritam-2

The tuition fee covers the cost of textbooks as well as shipping and handling of these textbooks. The fee for the entire 4 quarters combined is $900 as opposed to $1200 when paid quarter-by-quarter.


Micro-Certificate in Spoken Samskritam

(MCSS) It is four-quarter 6-credit-hour, leisurely investigation of Samskritam as spoken language. It helps students who have a basic understanding of that they know the Samskritam (aka “Sanskrit”) or DevanAgarii script but have lacking fluency in the conversational aspect and to attain a degree of Conversational Proficiency through simple situations and skits.

The 4 quarter Program of Study is organized in three phasesas as follows:

(1) BeginnerPhase One Quarter 1.5-Credit hour. This is approximately 15 hours of training, and thirty hours of study on your own. (Course Fee: $300)

(2) IntermediatePhase (2) IntermediatePhase 1.5-Credit hour. This is equivalent to fifteen hours of training, and 30-hours of independent study. (Course Fee: $300)

(3) ProficiencyPhase 3 ProficiencyPhase: 2 Quarters, 1.5-Credit hours each. It will amount approximately 30 to 60 hours worth of study. (Course Fee: $600)

Students are strongly encouraged to register for all four quarters of the course to receive an additional 25% off the course fee. Course fees include costs for books and shipping.

Learning Objective(s):

After completing the course of study students will be able to attain proficient proficiency with the Sanskrit language on the six dimensions that follow:

(a) Reading correctly pronunciation (i.e. the alphabets, sentences and words); paThanam(b) Writing with no errors (Forming coherent sentences and paragraphs); lekhanam(c) listening (Comprehending Sanskrit speech when someone speaks); shravaNam

(d) Speaking (Being capable of speaking in grammatically correct Sanskrit in a manner so that other people are able to comprehend what it means); sambhAShaNam and

(e) Comprehensive (Being competent enough to comprehend complicated sentences, both written and spoken and understand their meanings with no assistance. avagamanam

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