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Password Reset

It sounds like you’re describing a “Forgot Password” or “Password Reset” feature on your social bookmarking website. This feature allows users to reset their passwords if they forget them. Users typically provide their email address associated with their account, and then your system sends them a password reset link via email.

User Requests Password Reset: Provide a “Forgot Password” link or button on the login page. When users click on it, they are directed to a page where they can enter their email address.

Email Verification: Once users provide their email address and submit the form, your system should verify that the email exists in your database. If the email address is valid, generate a unique token or link that will be used for password reset.

Sending the Password Reset Email: Send an email to the user’s provided email address. The email should contain a link with the generated token or a unique reset URL. This link should direct the user to a password reset page on your website.

Password Reset Page: When users click the link, they’re taken to the password reset page. This page should have a form where users can enter their new password and confirm it.

Updating Password: Validate the new password according to your security requirements (Minimum length, complexity). Update the user’s password in your database to the newly chosen one.

Confirmation and Logging In: Once the password is successfully updated, you can show a confirmation message to the user. Optionally, you could automatically log the user in after a successful password reset.

Token Expiry: For security reasons, make sure the token or reset link expires after a certain time period (e.g., 24 hours). This prevents misuse of old reset links.

Security Considerations: Ensure the entire process is secure, using encryption for sensitive data like tokens and passwords. Implement rate limiting and other security measures to prevent abuse of the password reset functionality.

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Remember that security is crucial when implementing these kinds of features. Always follow best practices to protect your users’ data and accounts.