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Recycled Plastic Swimwear | Bathing Suit Manufacturer

Do you want to get the best wholesale swimsuit deals in Bali? Being the only bonded, tax-free company in Bali, nobody beats Swimwear Bali when it comes to price. We save 35% on import taxes when importing premium-grade overseas fabrics. Swimwear Bali is known for its high quality and competitive pricing. We provide a large number of swimsuit designs in a wide range of colours and premium recycled and non recycled fabrics, and we work with businesses to develop flawless collections. At Swimwear Bali, we take care of adding unique prints to a swimwear collection for several of our customers. Due to the true colour saturation on Italian MS machines, we provide a true digital print service on nylon. The only service provided by any other Bali swimwear manufacturer is sublimation on polyester, which is not nearly as soft and is much harsher to the touch. To order your collection of swimsuits, contact our team.

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