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RESIDENTIAL ROOFING | Complete Roofing Solutions Inc.

Complete Roofing Solutions has been around for 35+ years, working with our partner suppliers to ensure that each one of our residential clients has a beautiful, sturdy roof. We’ve proven our reliability in the industry, which is why you can rest easy knowing we’re able to quickly and easily acquire the materials we need to do the job.

Give us a call today to get started on your roofing project!


One of the most significant differences between residential and commercial roofing is the slope. Residential roofing slopes are 2/12 inches and steeper, which distinguishes them from the “low-slope” roofs and roofing materials that you’d find on a restaurant or office building.

Below you’ll find the most common residential roofing materials. If you’re unsure which one to go with, we’re happy to help you decide.

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