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Resomation & Celebration of Life

At Pure Reflections, we are a group of like-minded individuals who are open, warm, compassionate and very comfortable talking about death and dying. We have all experienced death in our own lives and

born extreme grief, not to mention the overwhelming feeling when

asked to make decisions and choices on behalf of a loved one who

has just died. We understand and have experienced how grief presents itself in

many different ways. Be assured, at Pure Reflections we will support

you and your family during your time of loss and sadness. From your

very first contact with us, you are in the care of the Pure Reflections

team. We conduct the Resomation in our own Resomarium and  we

are with you and your loved one every step of the way. 

At Pure Reflections, we are independent of any formal church or religion but we respect all values and beliefs. 

We commit to delivering on your final end-of-life wishes and our promise to you is that your final journey will be ‘your journey, your way’.

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