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Revenue Cycle Management Company | Bristol Healthcare

We are a Bristol healthcare services company that has been in the healthcare industry for over two decades. Our experience and expertise make us a leading medical billing company providing exceptional services.

We offer a host of billing services that cover the entire spectrum of the medical revenue cycle. Our team of billers is knowledgeable and skillful. Their knowledge is continuously updated through regular training. In an industry that continually sees medical advancement and changes in rules/regulations, staff training becomes non-negotiable. It is one of the reasons we are a leading US medical billing services company.

As a medical billing services company, we have automated many processes to cut down on human errors. We have invested in the latest technology to enable us to serve you better. Our communication facilities are excellent and it helps us keep in touch with clients, patients and payors.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients are reimbursed quickly by payors and that there is an uninterrupted cash flow for them. Only then can your practice be financially viable and your doors kept open. As a US medical billing services company, we are here to partner and support you in taking your practice to higher levels.

Whether you choose a part of the billing service or multiple processes, or the entire revenue cycle management, you will see that we always serve you with the same commitment.

To avail of an optimal and cost-effective solution, reach out to us at 800-253-7320 or Mail us at [email protected].

To know more, visit us at

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