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Soulversity Certified Meditation Teacher Training/Retreat

Soulversity Certified Meditation Teacher Training/Retreat – Learn From Master Dev OM. Develop your spiritual self and get the ability to instruct meditations from various traditions by studying the tools and strategies for creating curricula and selecting workshops. Within 100/200 hours of the Meditation Teacher Training program, you will get a tonne of information and knowledge that will empower you to confidently lead workshops and sessions on your own. You’ll discover how to market yourself, connect with your audience, and choose interesting and valuable material. Join our 100 or 200-hour online or in-person mindfulness meditation teacher training program, which has received a Google 5-Star rating, and train to become a certified meditation teacher under Master Dev OM.

The four levels of mindfulness/awareness that we must cultivate in order to have fulfilling life/spiritual growth are the foundation of the course’s structure. On a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, that is mindfulness.

We progress to the next level by completing each level’s exercises, activities, and guided meditations. On each level, we also learn science and philosophy. It is therefore a very thorough and properly planned program that aids in the practitioner’s development of scientifically sound practice. The practitioner is spared any negative psychological or emotional impacts thanks to this method. For the participants, it also proves to be a fantastic voyage of self-discovery and development.

It will prepare you for 6 essential aspects –

Your experience – You will have two different meditation experiences: one as a seeker and one as a teacher.
Backstage aspects – of designing and developing the sessions and courses
The Teacher – the development of teaching confidence, the appropriate delivery strategy, the appropriate tone and pitch, and the appropriate and engaging presentation style.
The Class – making the students feel at ease, keeping the lesson engaging, knowing how to respond to their queries, attending to the smallest details, and making it an excellent experience for the kids.
The Market – The ideal naming, the appropriate content The best marketing strategy to use, and how to identify your target audience
The Support – After program support, follow-up

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Why learn from Master Dev OM?

Master Dev OM is a Himalayan yogi and spiritual guide from India who is:

Trained directly under legendary teachers such as The Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh (The Father of Mindfulness), and Mother Teresa, a famous symbol of compassion.
At the age of 29, he shut down his software export business and underwent spiritual initiation. He lived a life of meditation and spiritual development.
Lived and practiced meditation for years in the ashrams of Maharshi Raman and Osho.
Lived alone in the Himalayan jungles of Mcleodganj and Leh for six years while engaging in intense meditation.
internationally renowned author, speaker, and trainer.
Author of 12 self-help and inspirational books, four of which are #1 bestsellers on Amazon in their respective categories.
Author of more than 50 guided meditations and self-discovery tools that target various psychological and emotional issues.
Giving mindfulness lectures and training in 36 nations, such as the UK, Canada, USA, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, and others.
Has an extensive international living experience in a variety of cultures. He has a profound knowledge of the mind and feelings of people.

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