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sportswear fabric manufacturers artex overseas in india

GARMENT- As soon as we hear this word the only element that comes to mind is the FABRIC, as the quality of the garment ultimately depends on the fabric it is made with. Everyone needs the best quality fabric at the most competitive prices and therefore, we at ARTEX OVERSEAS aim to provide you with the exquisite range of sportswear fabrics We also introduce ourselves as the PIONEER and PAN INDIA-only manufacturer of Superpoly fabric. The quality of our products is unmatched and that’s the only reason we are the pioneers in our field and enjoy an unmatched position. We ensure the quality of our fabrics right at the first stage which is knitting and thereafter every stage i.e dyeing and quality check the same is ensured. Spanning across 20 years of experience and vast knowledge in the field, we have been continually delighting customers with our high quality products. Some of the salient features of our products are: Sportswear Fabrics 25 Long Years Of Manufacturing Excellence With Quality At It’s Best! Under the supervision of our CEO, Bikash Sarawagi, we have achieved tremendous success in this field. We have  in-house manufacturing facility with our plant located in Sikandarabad

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