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TAFE 30 DI Orchard Plus Features & Specifications

TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited) is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipment based in India. With a rich history spanning over six decades, TAFE has established itself as a trusted brand in the agricultural industry, providing innovative and reliable solutions to farmers worldwide. This article will delve into the TAFE 30 DI Orchard Plus Specifications and Features.

About TAFE Tractor:

TAFE was founded in 1960 with the vision of empowering farmers through mechanization. Over the years, the company has grown to become the world’s third-largest tractor manufacturer and a key player in the global agricultural machinery market. TAFE’s success can be attributed to its emphasis on customer-centricity, quality manufacturing, and continuous innovation.

TAFE offers a diverse range of tractors that cater to the varying needs of farmers. From small-scale farming to large agricultural operations, TAFE tractors are designed to deliver power, performance, and efficiency. The company’s product portfolio includes both utility and specialty tractors, ensuring a comprehensive solution for different applications.

One of the notable features of TAFE tractors is their focus on advanced technology. TAFE has collaborated with renowned global brands like Massey Ferguson, AGCO, and Eicher to integrate cutting-edge technologies into its tractors. These technological advancements enhance productivity, fuel efficiency, and operator comfort, enabling farmers to optimize their farming practices and achieve better yields.

TAFE is also committed to sustainable farming practices and environmental conservation. The company promotes the use of precision agriculture techniques and implements eco-friendly manufacturing processes. TAFE tractors are designed to minimize emissions, reduce fuel consumption, and support precision farming practices, thus contributing to sustainable agriculture and minimizing the ecological footprint.

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In addition to tractors, TAFE manufactures a wide range of farm equipment and implements such as harvesters, seed drills, plows, cultivators, and more. This equipment complements the tractors and offers comprehensive solutions to farmers for various farming operations, enabling them to increase efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, TAFE has a robust distribution and service network, ensuring that farmers have easy access to sales, spare parts, and after-sales support. With an extensive presence in India and a global reach across 100 countries, TAFE provides reliable customer service and technical assistance to its customers, ensuring maximum uptime for their machinery.

Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus Features:

It has a lifting hydraulic capacity of 1100 KG.
The 30 DI Orchard Plus has six forward gears and two backward gears.
The Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus is simple to use.
A sliding mesh transmission function is provided.

Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus Specifications:

Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus falls under the 30 HP category, making it suitable for small-scale farming and orchard applications.
The tractor is equipped with a 1670 CC engine, providing sufficient power and performance for various agricultural tasks.
The engine of the Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus operates at a rated RPM of 1000, ensuring efficient and smooth operation.
It features a 2-cylinder configuration, contributing to balanced power output and fuel efficiency.
The tractor is equipped with oil-immersed brakes, offering reliable and effective braking performance.
The steering type of the Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus is manual, providing simple and straightforward maneuverability.
It has a PTO power of 25.5 HP, enabling the attachment of various implements and accessories for enhanced functionality.
The PTO RPM (Power Take-Off) is 540, allowing for seamless power transfer to compatible equipment.

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