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About Us:
C Pharmaceutical is privately owned rapidly growing pharmaceutical company in India. We are highly engaged in the drug manufacturing, sales and distribution of various generic pharmaceutical, tablets and other kind of drugs including non-prescription items to the market worldwide.
In addition to our strategic partnership, we are a team of highly experienced professionals who works together to provide great quality medicinal products and accomplish the desired goal. We are specialized in the analytical development, analysis, regulatory affairs, formulation development, quality control, quality assurance, manufacturing, accounting, marketing, distribution and finance.

Our Experience:
We strongly believe our talented and outstanding team which is our asset here at the C Pharmaceutical.

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution of pharmaceutical products
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Analytical & Development
  • Formulation
  • Product Management
  • Finances
  • Safety & Legal


Our Mission:
C Pharmaceutical offers its expertise and facilities in the production, development and distribution to the demanding customers for the global use.

Our Vision:
To be acknowledge as the best-in-class pharmaceutical products provider by providing best products to the pharmaceutical industry by our customers, employees and other stakeholders.

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