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U.DO.U – Experience Proper Oral Hygiene with Us

David James

U.DO.U offers sustainable products that promote appropriate oral hygiene. Our mission is to maintain quality oral hygiene with the support of biodegradable products. Our products include bamboo brushes (for adults and kids), dental floss, dental picks, and so on. These products are developed and approved by dentists and hygienists. These are also available as bundles (adult bundle, family bundle, and kid bundle). Visit  to start your shopping.

U.DO.U offers sustainable products that encourage a proper oral hygiene. When our brush goes in your mouth, the purchase goes beyond.

A career hygienist, Ashley Heenan was a fixture at a Chicagoland office for over a decade. She eventually grew tired of handing patients plastic-laden goodie bags, so, with a mission, soft heart and spinning head, not even two screaming toddlers could block her vision of a more sustainable product line.