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Why Google AdSense Reject Your Blog or Website?

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Google AdSense can reject a blog or website for several reasons. Here are some common reasons why your blog or website might get rejected by Google AdSense:

Insufficient content: AdSense requires websites to have a sufficient amount of high-quality, original content before they can be approved. If your website has very little content, or if the content is copied from other sources, it may be rejected.

Violation of AdSense policies: AdSense has strict policies that outline what types of content and practices are not allowed. If your website contains prohibited content such as adult material, violence, hate speech, or copyright infringement, it will likely be rejected.

Poor website design or user experience: AdSense values user experience, so if your website has a poor design, difficult navigation, or excessive ads that interfere with the user experience, it may be rejected. Ensure your website is well-designed and provides a good experience for visitors.

Insufficient traffic: While AdSense doesn’t explicitly state a minimum traffic requirement, having a reasonable amount of traffic can increase your chances of approval. If your website has very low traffic, AdSense may consider it not viable for displaying ads.

Non-compliant website structure: Your website should have a clear and easily navigable structure. Make sure your web pages are properly linked, and there are no broken links or missing pages.

Under construction or incomplete website: AdSense requires websites to be fully functional and complete before applying. If your website is still under construction or lacks essential pages like About, Contact, or Privacy Policy, it may be rejected.

Previously banned from AdSense: If you have previously violated AdSense policies or have been banned from the program, it’s likely that your new application will be rejected.

To increase your chances of getting approved, ensure that your website has valuable and original content, complies with AdSense policies, provides a good user experience, and has a decent amount of traffic. Review AdSense policies thoroughly and make necessary improvements before reapplying if your website is rejected.